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Forex Traders Await ECB, BoE Policy Calls Before U.S. Jobs Report – Forbes

Despite the decorum of calm in capital markets, event risk is to become the order of the day. For the next two-trading sessions, central bank interest rate and North American employment announcements are capable of setting a ’new‘ market tone and direction for the foreseeable future. This morning, North America will wake to the thoughts of the Bank of England (BoE) and the European Central Bank (ECB), with mainland Europe particularly in focus. Central banks? views on their own rates to combat domestic inflation and encourage growth will eventually filter throughout the whole capital system network and provide investors with a choice of trading opportunities. For too long the collective decision that led to the global low-rate environment — dictated to investors by policymakers — has handcuffed the foreign exchange (forex) market. The pricing in of rate divergence will bring much more trading opportunities.

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